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Employment Standards Division

ESD Services

Safety and Health

WC Coverage Verification

Regulates Workers' Compensation carriers within the state of Montana

Forms to fill out if you have been injured while performing your job.

Issuance of certificates and registration for contractors in the construction industry. Decisions regarding employment relations statuses. Ensure construction contractors are paying Montana's rates for workers' compensation insurance.

Montana Workers' Compensation Regulations

Montana Labor Standards

Montana Labor Standards

Construction Survey Response Data

Nonconstruction Survey Response Data

Nonconstruction Services Prevailing Wages

Workers Reported by Occupation – Construction Services

Workers Reported by Occupation and NAICS Code

Building Construction Prevailing Wages

Heavy Construction Prevailing Wages

Highway Construction Prevailing Wages

Wage and Hour Laws

Wage and Hour Laws

Filing a Wage Claim, Instructions and Form

File a wage claim

Montana's Minimum Wage


Board of Personnel Appeals

A five-member quasi-judicial board providing appellate level review of matters pertaining to the Collective Bargaining Act for Public Employees.

Do I Have a Case for Discrimination?

Watch a video to learn whether you have a case for discrimination.

Montana Safety & Health Bureau

Safety & Health Consultation Program

Mine Safety & Health

Montana Safety Culture Act

Request Workplace Safety Training

Return to Work Status

Data Dashboards

Duration of Temporary Total Disability Benefits

Work Comp Market

Work Related Injuries that Resulted in Paid Wage Loss

Work Related Injuries in Montana

Work Related Injury Settlements

Work Comp Claims Characteristics

Occupational Health Indicators

Health and lifestyle data explored by different industry groups

Workers' Compensation Mediation

Medical Fee Schedule History

Department Administered Programs

Safety Bureau Programs & Outreach

Medical Paid to Date

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

Sprains and Strains

Independent Contractor Exemption Certificates and Construction Contractor Registration

Oregon Workers' Compensation Rate Ranking Study

Prevailing Wage

Occupational Health Indicators

Human Rights Bureau Cases

Claims Examiner Certification

Workers' Compensation Research

Montana Building Codes Program

Building Permits

Obtain a Permit

Lookup a License

Renew a Professional License

View Boards, Get Board Information, & Apply for a Professional License

Licensee Mailing Lists

Metrology Lab

Registered Repair Person Program

Scales (Weight)

Meters (Liquid or gas volume)

Other Programs

How to File a Complaint

About ESD

The Employment Standards Division (ESD) offers services and regulations pertaining to the employer-employee relationship.

Permit Applications
Professional Occupations Licenses

Professionals can apply and renew licenses online. Customers can check the status of licensed professionals or look up construction-related permits issued by the Division.


ESD educates and assists companies in understanding and complying with state labor laws, and it works with both employers and employees to resolve employment-related issues through informal investigations and mediation. Its goal is to help resolve problems at the lowest basic level possible in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

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